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About us

The WHU FAccT Center is dedicated to generating and disseminating scientific knowledge about the economic consequences of financial accounting and taxation that is relevant to students, practitioners and policy makers.

FAccT Center Members regularly speak on current accounting and tax topics, including

  • The use of financial statements in equity valuation, the determination of distributable and taxable profits, as well as corporate governance
  • National and International Accounting Standards, Management Reporting, and Disclosure
  • Accounting Quality, Accounting Policy and Accounting Fraud
  • Fair Value Accounting and Accounting of Research and Development, M&A Transactions, Pension Obligations, Income Taxes, Property, Financial Instruments and Hedge Accounting
  • Business Analysis and Business Valuation
  • Taxes and Investment Decisions
  • Corporate Tax Avoidance

Professor Dr.
Martin Jacob

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Professor Dr.
Martin Glaum

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Professor Dr. 
Garen Markarian

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Assist. Professor Dr.
Kathleen Andries

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Research Assistants

Robert Vossebürger

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Thorben Wulff

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Niklas Meyer

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Support Team

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Swenja Thur

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Teaching Expertise

WHU teaching expertise – sharing insights into business practice

The FAccT Center members teach in all of WHU's degree and non-degree programs and also have teaching and consulting experience with a wide range of well-known firms and institutions. We invite practitioners to guest lectures within our courses in order to allow students a different perspective on a subject and provide interesting insight into business practice.

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The WHU FAccT Center conducts research on economic consequences of financial reporting and business taxation. This research is targeted at reputable international and German academic journals, and has business and policy implications.

The work of the WHU FAccT Center members was previously published in Journal of Financial Economics, European Accounting Review, Management Science, and Review of Accounting Studies. Current research projects include the comparability of IFRS and US GAAP financial statements, the effects of fair value accounting on dividend policy, and why some individuals and corporations shift income to minimize the tax burden, while others not.

Professor Dr. Martin Jacob

  • Dividend and Capital Gains Taxes
  • Taxes and Investment Decisions
  • Empirical Tax Research
  • Tax Avoidance and Income Shifting
Professor Dr. Martin Glaum

  • International Accounting
  • International Financial Management
  • Risk Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
Professor Dr. Garen Markarian

  • Income Smoothing
  • Financial Analysis
  • Executive Compensation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Bank Investment Strategy
  • Insider Trading
WHU Serden Ozcan MBA
Professor Dr. Serden Ozcan

  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Private equity
  • Corporate restructuring
WHU Miriam Müthel MBA
Professor Dr. Miriam Müthel

  • International management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Business ethics