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How Is Digitalization Transforming Financial Markets?

WHU student initiative Entrepreneurship Roundtable welcomes guest speakers to discuss ideas for the future.

At the heart of the WHU community lies core values based on entrepreneurial spirit and creative thinking.  This is also the foundation of WHU’s MBA Program in Düsseldorf, which further educates intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs alike. This entrepreneurial drive is visible not only during studies and in the large number of start-ups founded by alumni, but also in the increasing number of student initiatives such as the Entrepreneurship Roundtable, led by MBA students.

Connecting MBA students to founders, VCs, and experts from the start-up network, the Entrepreneurship Roundtable organizes regular events to encourage and facilitate an exchange between students and company representatives. The initiative also serves as a platform to discuss business ideas, practice pitches, and receive advice on entrepreneurial topics.

On April 10, the sixth WHU Entrepreneurship Roundtable kicked off with an exploration of the topic ‘Mobile Banks and FinTech Startups: Transforming Financial Markets’. Speakers from several FinTech start-ups took the opportunity to present business ideas and visions for the future with this topic in mind, while representatives from Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank offered their views on the changes accelerated by digitalization and possible solutions for the coming years.

Ulrich Coenen, Executive Vice President Marketing and Digital Banking at Commerzbank, explained the ‘Commerzbank Campus Model’ which updates conventional operating procedures, bringing specialist and IT knowledge closer together to position Commerzbank as an innovative corporation in the field of digitalization. Other key speakers also included Dr. Patrick Opdenhövel, State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance of North Rhine-Westphalia, and Doris Dietze, Head of Digital Finance, Payments & Cybersecurity Division at Germany’s Federal Ministry of Finance, to examine the political and governmental view of digitalization in the financial sector.

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