Study Abroad Ambassadors –
Their WHU experience, in their words.

Study Abroad Ambassadors

Having experienced a semester or year abroad at WHU, our Study Abroad Ambassadors are a valuable point of contact for international students considering studying at WHU on exchange, or looking to study full-time. Our Study Abroad Ambassadors are happy to offer advice and answer questions based on any concerns you may have about studying abroad. WHU is an inclusive and welcoming community consisting of a diverse mix of cultures and languages. Students from all over the world experience the ‘WHU spirit’ and sense of community, but our Study Abroad Ambassadors can tell you their own personal reasons and stories about how they found their way to WHU.

Read on to discover what they loved about their time at WHU, the connections they made, and the friendships they will never forget!

BSc/MSc Study Abroad Ambassador

Lionel Lee –
National University of Singapore Business School

"WHU is the bridge between me and various cultures around the world. love travelling and exposing myself to different cultures. I managed to meet many exchange students from different countries from my first day in Vallendar. The many initiatives by the IRO, from Tauschie Tuesdays to Oktoberfest in Munich, helped me to not only meet people of diverse culture, but also helped me to forge friendships that will last a lifetime. The students at WHU truly understand the meaning of “work hard, play hard” and I assure you that you will not be bored at WHU!"

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BSc/MSc Study Abroad Ambassador

Jessy Kang –
Queen's University, Canada

"Someone I met through WHU, now a good friend, mentioned how exchange is like the movie "The Breakfast Club" - bringing together people from so many different backgrounds who may have never met or talked otherwise. Despite the differences, we're all more or less a bit of each other, and now we can all say we were part of "The Tauschie Club". What a life changing experience with such a close-knit community in a beautiful town, country, and university - I couldn't have imagined exchange in any other way."

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MBA Study Abroad Amabassador

Jakkrit Ratanaphand –
Aston University, United Kingdom

"The WHU MBA Exchange Program has been one of the best experience of my life. It has given me the excellent opportunity to be taught by wide experience and international level professors and also be among so many talent multinational and multicultural cohorts. Moreover, since WHU Campus Düsseldorf is located in the most populated lively city in Germany, it has its enjoyable ambiance to see things around and lots of activities to do. Having wide travel opportunities is also great. I have visited over 15 amazing European countries while studying there.

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MBA Study Abroad Ambassador

Natasha Lubega –
University of Southern California, USA

"Studying abroad through WHU was an amazing experience. WHU Düsseldorf campus is a small, collaborative environment that really gives you the opportunity to know most of the current students, staff, and faculty. It is also centrally located which makes it the perfect hub to travel all around Europe. During my stay I visited Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, London, Dublin, Prague, Budapest, and several cities in France. In short, if I had to do it all again, I would certainly pick Düsseldorf for my study abroad location and would highly recommend it."

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MBA Study Abroad Amabassador

Harsha Athkuri –
Indian School of Business

"My time at WHU has been a truly enriching experience, not just in terms of learning but also in getting an international perspective on business. I am an amateur astronomer and love exploring new places. WHU offers a unique student diversity and is very accommodating of international students. It offers a perfect platform for peer to peer learning and building strong networks."

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